Current Projects

Here is a quick rundown on our current (major) projects as of Q2, 2015.

Project ADRIS: an extensive and custom Case Management system for a firm in the legal industry. Contact Management, CRM, Matter and Case Management, Case Paperwork and Forms managment, Calendaring, Disclosure reporting, Billing, Receivables, Payroll, Direct Deposit... You name it - it does it. Phew!

Project NPortal: a comprehensive web based tool for Alternative Dispute Resolution Neutrals working with a leading firm in the ADR indsutry. Calendar management, matter management, document management, integrated messaging and follow up features. Includes a companion mobile app and calendar subscription service.

Project ADAM: a robust automated document classification and message processing service for a firm in the legal services industry. The system intelligenty reads documents from several incoming sources and determines the correct matter, party, and document type, as well as several other classifications, and automatically stores the information and updates a connected case management system and its associated document management system.

Project Snap: this is software for developing software. Snap includes several lines of framework and api products targeting .Net that can be leveraged to more quickly build sophisticated and robust business systems. The Snap family so far includes Snap.ORM, Snap.Services, Snap.MVC (which provides an MVC style framework for Windows apps).

Project Snap.HR: Snap.HR is Human Resources software for your company, your friend's company, and your friend's friend's company. A metric ton of features presented using a menu of snap in modules allowing customers to tailor a solution for their firm. This can get pretty big pretty quick.

Project Snap.QA: Snap.QA will be a light weight Test Case Management service for use by the software development industry. Snap.QA's strength is its simplicity and ease of use versus similar tools on the market.

Project Thunder Head: It seems like many companies can use a simple and customizable way to track their recruiting and hiring process. So we are building that.

Project Mangler: A very niche-ey, but potentially quite valuable Data Synthesis Tool. A what you say? Yes, that's right, we are exploring something that may be the genesis of a whole new category in the software industry. This app will be targeted at the general software development and testing industry, but it may have much broader market reach than just developers and testers. So yes we are definitely exploring this idea.

About Us

We are a custom software consultancy specializing in delivering solid business applications designed to fit your particular business model like a glove.

Although we are a small operation, we fully exploit the advantage that brings to the table for our clients - namely a practical and agile mindset highly tuned to deliver business value.