Custom Software Development

We specialize in custom software designed to fit your business model like a glove. When an off the shelf solution doesn't make sense give us a call - we can help. 

Software Maintenance

Have an existing system that needs some attention for fixes or small enhancements? Very often we can assist by making surgical changes to address specific issues. Many other firms will insist on a "re-write" because they are not adept at dealing with the infrastructure and complexities of an existing system. We are different - we can help.

General IT and Software Consulting

Need advice of the straight talk variety? Need assistance in evaluating options or performing due diligence? We can help.

No Charge / No Commitment Initial Consultation

We do not charge for an initial consultation and scoping of an engagement. We will meet with you, evaluate your particular situation or need, and make a recommendation or offer advice - all free of charge or commitment. Fees only apply if you decide to move forward with an engagement. Our services may or may not be right for your needs - and you can rest assured that if we are not the right fit we'll simply tell you and help steer you in the right direction at no cost to you. Call us for more information.


We specialize in the Microsoft software technologies common in today's typical business environments, including C# and VB.Net, ASP.Net, SQL Server, as well as legacy technologies such as VB6.

About Us

We are a custom software consultancy specializing in delivering solid business applications designed to fit your particular business model like a glove.

Although we are a small operation, we fully exploit the advantage that brings to the table for our clients - namely a practical and agile mindset highly tuned to deliver business value.