About Us

We are a custom software consultancy specializing in delivering solid business applications designed to fit your particular business model like a glove.

Although we are a small operation, we fully exploit the advantage that brings to the table for our clients - namely a practical and agile mindset highly tuned to deliver business value. 

We have solid real world experience in numerous business sectors including media and advertising, transportation, tourism, real estate, and legal.

Our principal, Matthew Ferry, has an extensive background in professional software development and has progressively succeeded in the profession for the last twenty years. His professional experience includes significant consulting and custom software development, as well as extensive experience in senior corporate IT leadership. As SVP Software Development for LAN International / Clear Channel Radio, Matthew successfully managed multiple teams comprised of dozens of engineers and analysts working in parrallel on multi-million dollar software development projects for critical line of business enterprise software products managing billions of dollars of revenue.

The one constant we have found through the years is that successful businesses are ones that have adapted the way they operate to meet their particular and individual business models - which may vary significantly from other firms in the same business. Businesses that have the flexibility of tuning their operations to meet their unique vision will often have an edge over businesses that try to conform how they operate to norms. Custom software is a tool that can help in the pursuit of achieving your ideal business model - and we can help with that.